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                      Rates, Plans



Adult Rates

1 quarter, 3 months, 12-fifty minute weekly lessons, 480.00 (40.00/lesson) paid in advance of the first lesson. All lessons must be taken within the stated quarter period. 12 lessons in 3 months presumes a weekly lesson, but scheduling can vary based on your availability. Please carefully consider your availability. With enough lead time, I can reschedule a class or two, but if you wind up taking a vacation or a business trip, I can't guarantee a reschedule.


Child rates - (For children 12 and under)

1 quarter, 3 months, 12-twenty five (25) minute weekly lessons, 360.00 (30.00/lesson) paid in full, in advance of the first lesson. All lessons must be taken within the stated quarter period. 12 lessons in 3 months presumes a weekly lesson, but scheduling can vary based on your availability. Per lesson individual rate is 30.00 for 25 minute lesson. Cut off age is 13 (but flexible.)


Payment: Due in full before first lesson of quarter, but I also send out early bird discount offers.


Payment methods: I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.


Note: Please seriously consider your commitment before signing up. Make sure you can count on a regular day/time being available to you each week for the entire 12 to 14 weeks. (Consider holidays, vacations, etc.) The amount is non refundable and the lessons must be taken in the 3 month period. The quarter plan is based on assigning the student a regular recurring day/time slot. I can't guarantee a reschedule if you miss your day/time slot.


  • Lessons are 50 minutes long.

  • I can prorate you into a given quarter if you happen to want to start lessons mid quarter.

  • The quarters are calendar based. First quarter, January 1 through march 31st, second April 1st through June 30th, third July 1st through September 30th, fourth October 1st through December 31st. If you start lessons after a quarter begins, we will prorate your amount through the end of that quarter.  

  • Absences: Everybody gets sick, and everybody has emergencies to deal with. There will be times when I won't be able to make a lesson, too. In those cases, all attempts will be made to reschedule. If I miss a lesson without 24 hours notice, you get one free, under the 40.00/lesson plan. In the semester model, if you miss, we will try to reschedule, but please be aware that you can't carry lessons over into a new quarter. Quarter students who cancel or reschedule same day forfeit that lesson.

  • Recurrences/Time Slots: If you regularly have to reschedule or miss your lesson you will forfeit your recurring day/time slot. Recurring time slots are reserved for active quarter students.  Most of my students want to come at the same times - typically weekdays from 4 to 7 - so these slots are hard to come by. I have a short list of people waiting for time slots. 

  • Vacation/Holidays: Most holidays I am available now that my kids are grown, but we can always schedule around them. I'll contact you prior to the holiday if you are scheduled to reschedule.

  • Note: If you should have to miss a lesson or two within a quarter, it's rarely a problem to make them up as most quarters have 13 or 14 given weekdays in them.


Per Lesson - Adults


The per lesson rate is 45.00/ hour for those not able to go with the quarter plan. These lessons are scheduled first come first serve. There is a 10.00 restocking fee for missed per-lesson lessons. Recurring lessons are only available to quarter students. You may schedule one up to one week ahead of your current scheduled lesson.


General - Housekeeping


  • All lessons will begin at appointed times. If you show up early, you'll usually have to wait. Occasionally I'm available ahead of time, but count on starting at the appointed time. 

  • Please turn off your cell phone (and I will turn mine off.)  

  • Payment for the 45.00 "per each" rate (non-semester students) will be due at time of lesson.

  • Parents: If you are dropping your child off for lessons, you are welcome to stay. I have a reading/sitting room next to the music room if you don't mind Thomas the cat joining you. I'd prefer if you were not in the lesson room. Kids react very differntly to instruction when their parents are there.


About Paper...


Elsewhere on the site I talk about my views on tablature. I think its the worst way to learn, but I've come to soften my view over time. I was teaching completely paper free, but have come to recognize that all folks just aren't ready to trust their ears and eyes. I won't discourage you from jotting down notes, and I do even have a few tag sheets with a sort of quasi tab that I distribute. One thing I can't do, though is help you with tablature that you've gotten somewhere else. Sometimes students will come in with a sheet of tab and ask if I can teach them the song, or if I think it's good tab or not. I don't use tab myself, and am very slow at reading it. Moreover, I'd have to learn the song first, then teach it to you. So, please leave your tab home. I can only teach you what I know.


What Do I Bring?


The best method for getting stuff home with you is to bring a thumb drive of at least 20 gig size. I video all the songs and tags, and will provide you with the full library of videos. Some folks will video me using their phone, and some will make digital sound recordings, but I think the best way is to bring a thumb drive. We can even video oyu playing so that when you get home you will be reminded.


Jam Camps


Camps will be scheduled separately, as well as paid for separately. This is also due to scheduling problems as well as accounting issues. Jam camps will now be at 30/person for a 1.5 hour class.


Occasionally students will ask to miss a lesson and just come to jam class that week instead. This doesn't work because people pay different amounts for lessons than for jam camp, and it messes with my accounting and scheduling.  

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